Sunday, November 29, 2015

Bath and Body Works - Favorite Christmas Edition [WINTER CANDY APPLE]

This post is meant to be a short post.
Christmas Decoration at AEON MALL
Christmas is just around the corner!
The month of joy and the season of festive!
*jingle bell, jingle bell*
Christmas is just around the corner! I live in a tropical country therefore I cannot say that "the winter is getting colder, or I am going to change my wardrobe for winter" but the Christmas season is always felt everywhere in the town!
From the decorations to the food and my favorite part! 
The Christmas specials!

I have been waiting for the whole 10-11 months for the Christmas specials to finally be launched!
First on the list is of course the Starbucks Toffee Nut Latte!
Starbucks Toffee Nut Latte
Tastes like Heaven!
I couldn't even begin to describe how good it taste!
It has this sweet and nutty flavor to it! Marvelous!
Favorite drinks of all time! Beating the Caramel Macchiato!


But what I am going to discuss more is the Bath and Body Works Christmas Specials, Winter Candy Apple!
I purchased them once last year when I was still working at Surabaya, East Java.
Winter Candy Apple - Bath and Body Works
Look at the packaging.
Isn't it adorable and has that Christmas feel much?
I really love the smell! I even bought the body spray!!
It has this sweet candy scent blended nicely with hint of apple! 
I love apple and I love sweet candy smell! 
I really love this! 
It is one of my favorite body lotion of all time! I am going to purchase even more of this for the months to come! TT^TT

Winter Candy Apple - Bath and Body Works

Not only amazingly fragrant, the lotion is moisturizing as well without being sticky.
I love the feeling of having moisture on my skin but I hate the sticky feel of lotions on my skin. 
I also feel gross when I am sweaty after applying lotions on my skin. 
But I didn't fell that way with this lotion!
I think it absorbed nicely as fast!
Arghhh.. In short, I love it!
You have to try it too!!! 

K-Palette 24H Tattoo Eyeliner #1 Jet Black [REVIEW]

I have been quite busy lately with our third exam (just done) and Duty Office Internship coming up tomorrow. I was placed on Kalimalang Primary Branch which is quite far from where I am staying at the moment, will talk about it in details on a separate post.

Now, I have been raving about the greatness of K-Palette 24H liner!
I have previously owned one, in brown shades, check it out here.
I honestly bought my previous liner on and had it delivered to me via a visiting friend.

I have been looking for the liner for ages since my last liner run out of 'ink' LOL
I finally found one on Online shop! Although sadly they didn't have the brown shades. 
I am quite OK with the black one, so I purchased it. 

There is a manufactured date sticked on the bottom on. 
 K-Palette 24H Eyeliner MFG Date
There barcode was printed and the MFG date sticked
Mine stated March 2015, which is quite recent.

K-Palette 24H Eyeliner
This is what the packaging looks like.
The packaging has the hologram-like shades printed on a hard plastic with Japanese writings on it.
It is a number one sales in Japan!

K-Palette 24H Eyeliner
This is what the eyeliner looks like

K-Palette 24H Eyeliner Pointy Brush
The brush is pointy but not too rigid which I like as it doesn't hurt my eyelid.
K-Palette 24H Eyeliner Line
The line is precise and the color is vivid.
I smudge it couple of times and it still maintain its glorious line!
I love it!!
It really live up to its name 24 Hours Eyeliner Tattoo! 
It doesn't stray no matter how much I smudge my eyes or cry, it still stay strong till the end of the day!
This will be my forever beloved eyeliner brand of all time! <3


Price: SGD 19 on or IDR 210K on Indonesian Online shop
• Vivid color
• Long lasting
• Smudge-proof
• Waterproof
• Difficult to find here in Indonesia
• Quite expensive
Recommended: YES!! Definitely it is one of my favorite liner!
Repurchase: YES! But I want the brown color! TT^TT

Monday, November 23, 2015

Nomz Kitchen and Pastry - Grand Indonesia

Nomz Kitchen & Pastry
Grand Indonesia East Mall Ground Floor #06-07
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm (weekdays); 11am – midnight (weekends)
Instagram: @nomzjakarta

Nomz Kitchen and Pastry is located in a quite strategic location. Inside one of the most prestigious mall in Jakarta,  Grand Indonesia.
NOmz, Arnold Poernomo, Kim Pangestu
from the left: Chef Arnold, Chef Kim
As written on their website, the restaurant was founded by Chef Arnold Poernomo and Pastry Chef Kim Pangestu.  Some of the chef includes Chef Arnold's younger brother Reynold Poernomo and a Master Chef from Australia, originally from Vietnam, Kha Nguyen.
Correct me if I am wrong.

nomz staff
(from the left) Chef Reynold, Chef Kha Nguyen, Chey Arnold, Pastry Chef Kim

The ambiance
We (me and 2 friends) came on Sunday afternoon around 12 pm and we choose to sit on the outside table as I think that the lighting will be ideal for photography, and it was perfect!
As soon as we ordered, we were served an appetizer. 
I cannot exactly describe what that is. It is kind of a fried dough. I couldn't say I love it, but it was a good 'crunch' to have while waiting. 

nomz jakarta grand indonesia, appetizer
ps: the flower smells soooo gooood!!
I want to take them home!
What we were ordering:

Nomz Curry Baramundi
Curry Baramundi (115K) -- the black bowl
This was the food that I ordered.
The size is pretty big that I couldn't even finish.
I love the curry sauce very much and I love how the elements of the food compliment each other well.
It taste somewhat Asian/Thailand food, somewhat savory yet sour and fresh.
Love it.
Nomz Benedict
Nomz Benedict (110K)
It was my friends meal. I honestly feel like this meal is overpriced.
It only consist of two layers of pancake (?) and 2 eggs and the platting is very plain. Just that pile of eggs and pancakes on a big, white plate. I honestly felt my friends disappointment when the benedict was served.
The eggs was slightly overcooked too, they didn't ooze the gooey yellow yolk when cut into half which is quite a disappointment as I expect more.
Mostlikely would not recommend this dish to anyone.

Nomz Chicken
Nomz Chicken (95K)
The meal was simple. It was practically fried chickens with garlic butter rice.
I was pretty disappointed too! The chicken was great but some of them (I remembered two) was undercooked.
It was the pink chicken!!! My friends ended up not eating those.
I really expect more. I didn't get to take pictures of the chicken tho (TT,TT)
Would not recommend others to have this.
I thought the Masterchef was suppose to be very strict about food safety.

Nomz Kitchen
Well, at least they have a great lightning

Nomz Jakarta
And my post was re-post! 

Thursday, November 19, 2015

[REVIEW] Peripera Lip Water Tint in #5 Strawberry Pink

By now, most of you must have guess that I am a big fan of MeeJMuse unnie. 
I love her videos, I agreed with most of the opinions that she talked about, and I found that I am in love with the products that she loves as well. 
Thus, I am always looking for what products she is loving as a references. 
(Not all the products she loves will suits me anyway)

One of the reasons why I am buying this lipwater is because she loves it and I fell in love with this colors when she wore it on one of her video.
This one!!

Since Peripera brand is not available 'on store' at Indonesia, I have to buy it online.
This color, #5 Strawberry Tint a.k.a Candy Juice is a new color and not all online shop has it. 
I need to order them from the one in Jogyakarta (Center Java) #determination

Peripera Lip Water Tint #5 Strawberry Pink
Peripera Lip Water Tint #5 Strawberry Pink
It comes in a very cute packaging. Look at the cat-lady.
The product comes in a small glass-like container that I am sure is plastic.

Peripera Lip Water Tint #5 Strawberry Pink

It has some production code printed on the bottom on the container.
Is it the word "Jeju" written there?

Peripera Lip Water Tint #5 Strawberry Pink open
It comes with a build in sponge applicator.
The applicator is somewhat pointy means that it is user friendly.
The liquid is watery. Living up to the name water tint.
Peripera Lip Water Tint #5 Strawberry Pink applied
Peripera Lip Water Tint #5 Strawberry Pink applied on hand (Left)Peripera Lip Water Tint #5 Strawberry Pink blended (Right)

I tried to apply the products on the back of my hand for a test.
It absorb quite fast. See on the left picture, the edge of the product already turns into a soft looking pink.
After blending it out, the color was even out. There is no reddish spots, dots, or harsh line left out.

Peripera Lip Water Tint #5 Strawberry Pink
Peripera Lip Water Tint #5 Strawberry Pink applied as blusher
As I am sure about the blending 'ability' of the products, I am going to check it out on my cheeks as a blush. 
I know some products like benefit, tend to leave some dots or marks when you leave it even for just couple seconds. But not this products.
Turns out that it blends beautifully without leaving spots and the color is quite nice. 
Since it is a water tint, the color pop out quite nicely and it last longer than powder blush. 

Peripera Lip Water Tint #5 Strawberry Pink applied on lips
Left: Bare lips
Center: Applied Peripera Lip Water Tint #5 Strawberry Pink, and blend out
Right: Close Up

It turns to a beautiful shades of reddish pink. Not too red, not too pink.
After blending out, the color looks like a beautiful naturally looking lips. 
I love it.


Price: Rp 70K-110K
• Beautiful color, natural looking
• Medium durability (gone after meal)
• Easy to blend out
• Cheap with loads of products
• Beautiful Packaging
• Tend to dry up the lips (since it is a water tint)
• Not easily found
Recommended: YES!! The color is sooooo beautiful <3
Repurchase: Maybe? I love the color but since I love exploring other color (now I am having plenty of other colors). I guess I will think about it later.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Secret Key (Sweet Glam) vs Dior (Lip Glow)

I have been loving the Dior Lip Glow.
I have a tendency to have a dry cracked lips and the lip glow really helps my lips to look healthy effortlessly. 
The product will react with your body pH and turn to a color depends on it.

However, it is expensive. I purchased it last year at Singapore Duty Free shop at around Rp 350K and now, with dollars climbing up, the price has reach up to more than Rp 420K (last I checked).
It is not long lasted (only for 2-3 months?) I do not think that it is quite an investment. 

I found out about the Secret Key Sweet Glam.
They claim to be the cheaper version of Dior Lip Glow. 
I was curious and I decided to buy it. 
Secret Key Sweet Glam Color
I bought the one in #1 Baby Pink as it bears the most resemblance to the Dior Lip Glow

This is the comparison of the product packaging.
Secret Key (Sweet Glam) vs Dior (Lip Glow)
Secret Key (Sweet Glam) vs Dior (Lip Glow) --- THE PACKAGING
At a glance, it looks almost similar: the color and the design.
Although, the Secret Key's packaging tend to be 'plump'er and shorter.

Secret Key (Sweet Glam) vs Dior (Lip Glow)
Secret Key (Sweet Glam) vs Dior (Lip Glow)
See that the secret key's are bigger yet shorter.
The bottom of the tube is different too. 
The secret key's bottom is in a soft square with the production codes and stuff. 
Dior's bottom is a round end, with CD initial engraved. More elegant I guess.
Secret Key (Sweet Glam) vs Dior (Lip Glow)
Secret Key (Sweet Glam) vs Dior (Lip Glow)
Applied on the lips, there is a different actually. 
The Secret Key's are more moist and have the oily feel. 
Dior's are moist without the 'too-oily' feel. 

The color is different too, as you can see on the picture below.
Secret Key (Sweet Glam) vs Dior (Lip Glow) Color
There is a slight difference.
Dior (left) are more matte yet moisturizing and the color are more of a natural lip color.
Secret Key (right) are more dewy/oily and the color are slightly brighter (reddish) then Dior's

Which one do you like more?
I personally didn't like the too oily feel on my mouth. I am not comfortable with that, that is why I am leaning towards lip tint and lip water all this while. 
But I guess I can live with Secret Key.
With price, comes quality, right?

Thursday, November 12, 2015

[REVIEW] Holika Holika Wonder Drawing 24H Auto Eyebrow Pencil #2 Dark Brown

I have been wanting to use an eyebrow pencil for a while. I have been only using eyebrow gel (mascara) all this time and I think eyebrow pencil will be better to give definition and tidy-up my brow compared to mascara type.

Eyebrow make up has been popular since quite a time by now but it is a whole new world for me to venture. I have naturally medium thick eyebrow which is slightly arched. 

I am still learning how to groom my eyebrow

Since I have a profound love for Korean Make Up products, I am going to buy mine from those range. My first choice is actually the The Face Shop Lovely ME:EX Design My Eyebrow. However, I got the  Holika Holika Wonder Drawing Eyebrow Pencil haha. I was couple bucks short from being the member, and I remember that I need an eyebrow pencil. So, well.. the difference should not be too extreme right?

Holika Holika Wonder Drawing Eyebrow Pencil
Holika Holika Wonder Drawing Eyebrow Pencil
It comes with 2 ends: a brush and the pencil-like end
The eyebrow pencil is somewhat crayon like but when applied on turns somewhat powdery. The color is dark brown which matches my current 'ombre' hair. It lasted all day and the brush is good at evening out the harsh edges. 

Holika Holika Wonder Drawing Eyebrow Pencil
This is the color on my skin
I am somewhat still a freshman in 'brow-drawing-faculty'. There are lots of things unknown to me and I am still exploring the areas. I know that with my round face, I am not allowed to draw the straight korean eyebrow as it will make my face even more round. 

Source here

I decided to play it safe at first, following my natural eyebrow line.
Eyebrow tutorial Holika Holika Eyebrow Pencil
from the left:
1. bare eyebrow
2. draw the outline of the eyebrow
3. fill the sparse area
4. brush it to blend out harsh edges

And I am done!
Natural enough?
I am not exactly satisfied.
I will definitely update further techniques that I discovered that are quite easy and natural looking enough for daily wear.


Price: Rp 110K-150K (I forgot the price)
• Long last, Waterproof
• Good packaging, Good Brush.
• Good color
• Relatively cheap
• After couple of weeks, the end of the pencil tend to be kinda blunt and it is quite hard to draw define line with it
Recommended: Yes, it is a good one.
Repurchase: Probably not. I still want to try The Faceshop ME:EX

Saturday, November 7, 2015

PFL BCA - Valuable Person by MIC

Its me on the bus with my name tag.
See the tagline: VALUABLE PERSON

As one part of our PFL Training, it is compulsory for us to join the Valuable Person Training at Lor In Hotel, Sentul. The training will only be held for 2 days 1 night but I guarantee that you will get to learn a lot.

On the D day, you will need to be at Wisma Asia 2 by 6.30 AM latest or you will be left behind.
The journey only took 1-1,5 hours. It is quite close by.

valuable person bca sentul pfl cso
This picture is taken the moment we enter the Hotel.
It is still on construction progress. It is still dusty and look incomplete.
Anyway, it is not a uniform given by the committee, we are buying the same polo shirt as our class 'code'.

We are allowed to bring our phone with us but I was too busy socializing and eating and taking selfies that I forgot to take picture of the hotel itself. I will put some of my selfies pictures, tho.

My overall impression of the training is that:

It was not exactly and eyeopening as I have personally know most of the material but it was quite a reassurance of the values that I have held.

The trainers' efforts and speeches are genuinely heartfelt.

They let us know by examples. Some of the examples are their own experience and some they let us experience it ourselves. I often felt their sincerity through those stories.

I learn to be thankful for every little things that I have; especially those blessings that I have taken for granted all this while.

This is the sort of training that every person should go to!

You will get a lot of things on this training. It was called experimental training. It will taught you how to be grateful for everything.

  • For things that we often taken for granted like our eyes, limbs, and voice. Remember that God was never obliged to give us a complete body with good eyes to see the world,  voice to talk, or good ear to listen but He did. That is a blessing that we usually neglect. 

  • For our parents and siblings. That we are still be given time and chances to be with them and share our happiness with them. That they are still alive and well is a blessing that we need to be thankful for, everyday.
  • For our job and our financial situation. We might not be happy with our current job. We might be tired of routine and stress from our job. But we still need to be thankful that we still have a job where there are thousands of jobless people, dreaming for a chance to be in our current position. We need to be happy for what we are paid for and instead of complaining and being idle, we need to work harder to get an even higher pay and position in the future. Like I said in my previous post, "It doesn't matter where you start, what matters is how you will finish." =)
  • For our dreams and hope. "We need to look down to learn how to be grateful, but we also have to look up to know that we can still thrive." this is one of the sentence that I have heard/read somewhere and it has left a mark in my brain ever since. We should be thankful that we are still be allowed to dream and hope and that we are taking all the efforts we have to make it into realization. We must not surrender to our fate but we have to fight to overcome it. 
  • Ir Soekarno Quote
    A famous inspiring quote by our first president, Ir Soekarno:
    "Place your dream as high as the sky... because if you fall, you will fall among the stars"
  • And more things that I couldn't mentioned one by one.

There are lots of surprises and experiences that you should experienced for yourself and I will not let myself spoiling your excitement by giving too much information.

What you should bring:
  • Toiletries (the hotels amenities is limited)
  • Tissues (do not ask why. Just trust me and bring it)
  • Towels, we have a hard time getting towels. We waited until over 8 pm to get the towel.
  • Comfortable shoes or flat shoes, no slippers. There are some outdoor activities.
  • Snacks for supper if you usually had one.
  • Water bottle (I am a heavy water drinker.. so...)
  • Money, at least bring Rp 100,000,- (trust me, you will need this)
  • Clothes (2 or more Jeans trousers - no shorts, T-shirts/Polo shirts as needed, others as needed)
  • Hair ties for you, girls with long hair.
  • Hairdryer!!
  • Jacket or cardigans (outdoor activities, remember?)
  • Personal meds if you think you will need them.
  • Do not need to bring any stationary, it will be provided.
  • Open mind and ready to learn mindset.
You are ready to go.

Oh and we are given a certificate too!!
Will upload the picture of the certificate later.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Hog's Breath Cafe Jakarta

Hog's Breath Indonesia

The new "IN" restaurant in Jakarta, it has been reviewed by couple of food bloggers like AnakJajan and Eatandtreas!  It is relatively easy to find as well as it was located on one of the biggest mall in Jakarta, Tribeca, Central Park Mall.

Hog's Breath Indonesia

We come at night and this is what it looks like. I am not smoking but I sat on the smoking area because of my friends wanted to sit on the sofa.

They have a saloon concept and they offer mostly steak and western food wit rusty feel. The concept itself makes me feel like some cowboy is going to jump out outta no where. LOL. 
I came with a Buddhist friends who cannot ear beef, so we are having all chicken night. 
Cajun Chicken Dijonaise - Hog's Breath Indonesia
Cajun Chicken Dijonaise - Hog's Breath Indonesia
The Cajun Chicken is the menu that I wanted to try. I love that the chicken is tender, juice, and perfectly seasoned! The portion is big and we have our fill. I love the fact that the side dishes are not neglected! The mashed potato was OK but the vegetable were seasoned and boiled until it is soft. 
I can say that the side dishes matched the chicken pretty well.

Aglio Olio - Hog's Breath Indonesia
Aglio Olio - Hog's Breath Indonesia
Next up is the pasta. For pasta, we are having a simple Aglio Olio and I cannot say that I love it. It is bit too greasy and under-seasoned. The cheese is kinda out of place and doesn't match that whole dish well.

Meat Lovers Pizza - Hog's Breath Indonesia
Meat Lovers Pizza - Hog's Breath Indonesia
Last but not least is the Pizza! We are ordering Meat Lovers Pizza but we switched all beef, bacon, and ham to chicken. This might not the one you will be having if you are a beef lover. LOL.
The pizza was OK. The bread was crispy and the toppings was good. But not too special. 

I guess since it has a saloon and steak house concept, you should try the meat selection! ;)
It worth visiting and the portion was good!

Hog's Breath Cafe
Central Park Mall, Tribeca Park GF #15
Jl. S.Parman Kav. 28
West Jakarta
Ph. +6221 53662815