Sunday, November 1, 2015

PFL BCA - On Job Training (Observasi Cabang)

This is a really late post as I was writing this post around 10 days after it ends.

As a part of my journey on the PFL program on BCA, I have to undergone the 4 days observation training at BCA Main Branch. The branch that we are assigned for are choose randomly. I was lucky to be placed at Thamrin Branch. It was located in the same building as the HQ, Menara BCA and they are the pilot branches. Everything there is sophisticated and advanced.

There are 2 types of CSO here, counter and desk. 
We are supposed to be assigned to each one for 2 days, then switch to the other ones. 

On my first 2 days I was suppose to be placed at CSO Desk. 
Desk job is more complicated yet interesting for me than Counter as they involved complains submission and bank account opening.  I honestly have encounter lots of interesting cases and customer and I have learned a hell lot from these two days. I think I will have a love hate relationship with this job later tho...

CSO Desk KCU Thamrin
CSO Desk KCU Thamrin
Ohhh.. I actually wonder where I should put the bad part of the observation in this post, but I decided to put it here. 
Be Prepared to have Your Legs and Feet Hurts Like Hell!
(Honestly, not only your feet. Your toes and back will be sore as well)
You have to stand from 8 AM to 15 PM (Service Hour) with only 45 minutes breaks in between!
Me after day one
As you can see, the layout for CSO Desk is not really comfortable and the Branch is not exactly a crowded branch so in order to get a lot of knowledge, I have to hop from one table to another to listen and observed. I have been a good friend with the wall and the bamboo. LOL. Some of the customers pitied me a told me to sit down, some thought that I am auditing the CSO officer. Double LOL.

I get to know a lot of types of products that I have yet to learn, about types of customers, about how to handle complains, about how to build relationships with customers and colleagues. It was a good experienced. I was really lucky that the colleagues there are so friendly and supportive. I hope that KCU Pontianak (my placement branch) will be as or even more friendly and accepting. :')

After 2 days and worn out leg, I switch to the Counter Job.  
CSO Counter BCA Thamrin
CSO Counter BCA Thamrin
Counter are for fast services. Things are simpler here and lots more crowded than Desk, but customer get angry easier here as they are not comfortable (not sitting) and the queue will usually be quite long. 
I have leaned about the Counter job before and I deepen my understanding during my observation here. 

Overall, it was a good experience but a torture for my legs and toes. 
I do not think that I will survive day 5. LOL.

My advice for all you fellow having to do this observation duty is: 
  • Wear comfortable shoes (Please... this is so DAMN important)
  • Eat breakfast! You will stand up for hours. You do not want to faint in front of the customer, trust me.
  • Check out your placement branch the day before. It is not nice to be late on your 1st day just because you are lost.
  • Smile to everyone and be friendly. You are the new kid, remember.
  • Bring your water bottle, you are allowed to drink (but ask your seniors)
  • Be tidy and professional (hair, clothes, and shoes) as you are part of their branch now. Be an asset not a liability.
  • Bring small notes to jot down any questions and ONLY ASK after the service hour!!
  • Do not forget to ask where to get lunch, you do not want to be left behind!!
  • Write your questions and answers clearly. You will have to do a report later. Keep it in mind.

That is all. Good Luck!

You are good to go

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