Saturday, December 12, 2015

[REVIEW] Secret Key Watermelon

So, since one of my friend is buying the tint glow via me (again, Qoo10), I am buying one for myself as well! Ha! What and excuse!

Feeling adventurous, I am buying the ice watermelon tint glow which comes in red and green shades. This is how it looks on the outside.

Secret Key Watermelon Varient Watermelon
Secret Key Tint Glow
Right: Watermelon variant in the box
Middle & Right: Watermelon variant 

There is a picture of a watermelon printed in the box and the case of the tinted balm is transparent with a bit of sticker of ice creams and the brand name. At a glance, it looks sophisticated. 

Here I am comparing it to my previous owned sweet glam tint glow.

Secret Key Tint Glow Watermelon, sweet glam #1
Secret Key Tint Glow
Watermelon vs Sweet Glam #1

They are the same size, height, and width. The only difference is the body case. 

Secret Key Tint Glow Watermelon
Secret Key Tint Glow Watermelon Color
This is the picture of the shocking green! Lol! Many of my friends are perplexes by this. Anyway, the green colored part is colorless. 

Secret Key Tint Glow watermelon vs sweet glam
Left: Watermelon; Right: Sweet Glam#1

When applied on my skin, the difference is quite unnoticeable. 
Although the watermelon's color has more gradient to it and is more purplish-pinkish than the sweet glam #1.

Secret Key Tint Glow watermelon
Secret Key Watermelon Tint Glow
Picture above shows my lip color before and the picture below my lip color after applying the watermelon tinted glow.

The lip color looks natural. 
Almost the same as the sweet glam #1

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