Sunday, March 13, 2016

PFL BCA - My KCP (Supporting Branch) Experience

Hi, everyone, it has been a while since I last updated my PFL journey and there are a lot of happenings since my last post.

On late February, I was appointed to be a substitute at the supporting branch office for 4 days. It happens just so sudden. I was informed around 9 am and I went there almost immediately afterwards. I reach there around 10 am. There are couple things that I wish I knew beforehand, and which I will let you know, below:

  1. Placement Branch Issues.

The first and most important things are we, PFL are not allowed to be borrowed  at a strange difficult position. We are working, yet we are not belong to the branch. We are permanent employee but we are not entitled overtime payment and some bonuses.
We can be "borrowed" for a bit while, but not for long as we need to stay at the branch where our contract stated. I was "borrowed" for 4 days and like 1-2 weeks later, my Service Head was informed by the HQ HRD about our "placement at the supporting branch" and she need to whole write a report for it.
I was later contacted by our PIC, and I was informed that it was OK to be "borrowed" as long as it didn't alter our placement branch as stated on the contract.

Well, it is a long story. This is a new program and not much people have a clear idea about it yet, and it is OK. We learn my making mistakes, anyway.

2. Expectation vs Reality at supporting branch (the one I visited)

I am sure that some of you have heard that life at supporting branch are a lot easier, simpler, and more relaxing. That is true to some point, but also wrong at other points. So, what different from Head Branch and their Supporting Branch??

  • The customer's mentality, the type of customers are different from Main Branch (MB) in at least 3 ways:
    • Time: They are more time sensitive. They know that supporting branch (SB) are less crowded, therefore those who visit the SB are more likely to want the transaction to be done ASAP, less waiting time, and less time to do other things (cross selling) as the queue is pilling as times goes by. The SPVs (kabag) are also shared, especially when one of them is on lunch break, you have to wait for them (or other divisions' SPVs). 
    • Formality: The time factors play a big part in this. Due to the demand of having less time, they are unlikely to wait until they are called. They will just barged to your table right after the previous customer leave (or even during their transaction!). You barely get toilet breaks or drink your water in between. There are less CSO (sometimes only 2) as well, so you have to bear with it and be considered to both your colleagues and customers. 
    • Engagement: This is especially true for tellers. Customers are more engaged at SB as the person doing the transaction comes frequently/repeating . (I hope you get what I mean)
  • The cases
    • The cases are easier to handle and there are less variations. Nothing complicated like "Name Change/ Signature Change", less fraud cases.
  • Our jobs
    • Our jobs however, are at a larger scoop. We have to take care of all the credits applications, Opening Giro account, Deposito opening forms, All the Cheques and BGs, Prepping forms, Desk cleaning, almost everything. 
Placement at SB is a bitter sweet experience for me, personally. I do feel that I am growing in those short time, as I am more independent and confident, yet I miss the busy MB and the friends and the comfort of "fotocopy OB". If I have to choose now, I will still choose my placement branch tho. <3

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