Monday, January 5, 2015

How to write a (long lasting) blog?

Have you write a blog before? Bet you have tried or thinking about trying before right? 
How nice life would be? Looking at those famous blogger: xiaxue maybe? 
Of course you have! Admit it! Haha!
The problem is, not everyone can be the famous celebrity blogger. Asking why? Umm.. the content? writing style? social circle? or pure luck? Or all of above?? 
Idk. Is there even any definite answers?   

I myself have spent numerous times trying to write a blog and staying faithful to them but failed. It usually just stay updated for 1 months tops and.. it (the blog) goes on a state of comatose.. until I *if remember* delete them.
Asking why?
Well, seems like I:
  • lacked perseverance (?) *bet lots of people will agree to this*, 
  • lacked enthusiasm (?), 
  • lacked commitment (?) 
  • Or, perhaps just all of above ++
Or mayhaps I haven't found a consistent, interesting things to write?
I have been thinking since a long long time ago to write a blog. I am an introvert to the bone (or mayhaps soul). I don't hang out much and I don't really like my presence to be known sometimes. I enjoy staying at home, my room, with my parents or siblings, sometimes shutting myself completely from the outer world. The case goes even worse when I was in my own home with my own family.

Being a introvert, I think I don't have a lot to tell to the world. I don't have the life of an extrovert that seems like they 'roam the sea, island to island with updates spilling over their socmeds' (OK. overreacting). I don't have that much money to enjoy endless trips overseas and write endless reviews of 'must visit places in (mention a country)' or to buy super expensive branded clothes each and every seasons to mix and match. Review on a local delicacies? forget it! I live in a small small town, there is almost nothing here to review. Everyone in the town knows it!!

So what should I write about?

After thinking.. and thinking.. and thinking.. 
I come to a conclusion that: I have a lot going in my mind. I am an over-thinker. 
Therefore, I will think of writing as a cure to my exhausted brain. To how all the other external factors (news) us affecting me mentally.

I might not have a sexy brain, honeyed mouth, or breathtaking face nor any extraordinary singing, dancing, makeup-ing talent to show but, I will try to write this and in hope to spill my thoughts to pages and to relieve some stress.