Monday, March 30, 2015

VIetnam Trip to Ho Chi Min dan Hanoi, Spring 2015

Vietnamese Coffee
the infamous Vietnamese Coffee!

For all of you who are going to Vietnam soon!

Hi there, it has been 1 month and 1 week since I came back from Vietnam. I have been busy since then, with my new phase in life (I mean my new job-possible-interest-but-not).

Alright, what can I say about the visit is: so so (?)

I come during the chinese new year time or Tet, a festive season in Vietnam. There are lots of flowers!! In the road, road sign, restaurants, hotel, anywhere. In the southern vietnam, the national flower was the yellow apricot flower and in the northern part, the most seen flower was the pink pear flower. 
yellow apricot flower

How is the food?
The food was nice.
They really suit my taste buds. I love the Pho Noodle though! Tasty! Yum!
Pho Noodle
Pho Noodle

What about the weather?

Well, since I went to both Ho Chi Min City and Hanoi, and taking in to consideration to my preference to cold-cool temperature and my extreme hatred towards hot-humid one, I would say I like the weather in Hanoi. Much much much better. (Btw, I went there in February, practically its spring)

FYI, if you don't get what I mean, Vietnam is quiet a vast country, lying vertically. So the northern part of the country has 4 seasons, whereas the southern part has only 2. Interesting enough (?)

What is there in Vietnam? 

Well, surprisingly I encountered a lot of tourist! Its almost as tourist-packed as Bali! Westerners, Chinese, Japanese, you name it, they probably there.

There is also the infamous chu chi tunnel which most of westerner cannot enter. It is so small!! Even I, with only 158 cm have hard time entering it!
Here is the outline of the tunnels.
Vietnam Chu Chi Tunnel

what the enterance look like:
Vietnam Chu Chi Tunnel
Vietnam Chu Chi Tunnel

How to get in! haha! luckily I shoot the video!
Couldn't insert it in, check my instagram post in the link above! =)

Ps: you can also try out shooting real gun!
Vietnam Gun Shooting
its my sister! 

The next is HALONG BAY!!
This place is awesome. James Bond Movie was shoot here once!
It is also one of the world heritage by UNESCO and one of the new 7 wonders of the world!
This place is one of the reason I will come back for Vietnam again!! Hoho

Check out my video in the link below:

Here is some eye candy for you!

Halong Bay Scenery VIetnam

Halong Bay Cruise
Halong Bay
Yey! Its me!

Halong Bay Cruise

You can go to this cave as well! Its is part of the Guilin cave! the view is also magnificent! 
Halong Bay Cave

This to take note in Vietnam:

  • Motorcycle:

Not to exaggerated or anything but you really really have to mind your steps and use your courage to cross the roads in Vietnam as the number of motorcycles is just...

Vietnam Motorcycle

Any tips? Umm, well.. just be courages.. you will know the trick after couple tries.. for novice crossers, if some locals attempt to cross the roads, just follow them.. Haha!

  • Mind your belongings on the road
Not to bad mouth the country or increasing fear of tourists, but you really should mind your things outdoor. Two of my travel companion almost get their necklace snatched during our road crossing in Hanoi, as there are too many people. Our guide also advice us to put our passport with the hotel's safety vault, it is must be for some legitimate reason, right?

Overall, Vietnam is a nice country to visit! it offers something different from any other countries I have visited so far. It has mixed of history, cultural, natural in a go. Plus, its cheap!! 

Vietnam Memorial Hall
Vietnam Memorial Hall - If I am not mistaken.

pps: Not all pictures are mine. ;)
Ppps: I left out a lot of details lol!