Wednesday, August 26, 2015

My Journey to Trick Eye Museum, Singapore

The Iconic Singapore's Merlion

went to Singapore during their Golden Week this year, on 7th to 9th August 2015. 9th August is Singapore's Independence day and this year is their 50th year of independence!! There is a big big celebration going on. 

It was a sudden trip, planned less than 24 hours LOL. I feel a bit ripped off honestly as the rental fee for rooms is skyrocketing. I pay SGD 120/ night for a room at Lucky Plaza. 

Anyway, I went to Trick Eye Museum Singapore. I have been wanting to go since I saw the post from eatandtreats last june.

To reach the museum, you need to take taxi, or cable car to Sentosa Island from Vivo City. Take note that you will need a balance of SGD 4 (return ticket) in your EZ link card or you will have to queue to purchase the ticket. 

I highly recommended this museum for you all, vain people! LOL! 

You can buy the tickets online on the website here for additional 20% discount and immediate entry (no need to queue for ticket), you still need to queue when your ticket is scanned, though. 
I saved mine on my phone and show it to the employee at the front door. The tickets look like this and they have barcodes as attachment.

Alright, keep in mind that there will be a renovation coming soon as the email comes with a notice. 

You can find this notice on their website as well, so check it first, before you plan your visit to avoid inconvenience. 

Anyway, lets talk about what's in the museum!! 

Right in the front door of the museum, you can find the Flute man and the Drainage Hole man! I was exited already then!!

The Flute Man

The Drainage Hole Man

This is actually my second time to trickeye museum, the fist is at Jeju, South Korea. Yet I am still always amaze by the quality of the illusion!

Anyway, they have couple of pose guide for you all to follow. 

Tin Can

Baby and The Cage
You can actually ride the baby, but since I was wearing a skirt, the option is off limit LOL

Its my sister and her long legs.

Feeling Harry-Potterish hahaha
I actually sat on a chair
How creative!

Master of YOGA, levitating.
Joke, I sat on a chair

Meet my 30 seconds BF LOL

Bike on the cloud. I actually love this one.

This is the headless illusion
I was playing hair pulling with my mom.

Circus lady

Bundle of Fat and The Snake

This one is my FAVOURITE!!!!
I laughed a lot during the photo taking!! lol


I had a lot of fun!!
What I would prepare if I were to come back are:
* Wear pants
* Come early (less people means less queuing for photo taking)
* Sleep tight to be your best state
* Charge your camera and make sure the memory is enough as well.

Wish you an enjoyable visit!

The Failure, The Acceptance, and Hopefully, The Success (part 1)

I have been taking a break from all the internet postings lately. 
I started writing blog to pour my heart content in the writing as the burden that I bear is almost unbearable. 
I am not a strong girl. I know it from a long time ago. I am not persistent, and I prefer to work smart, than work hard. I am INFJ and most probably Sanguine-Melancholic slash Phlegmatic. HAHA.

For you who do not know what is that:

Phlegmatic confirmed, I somewhat shift from Melancholic and Sanguine. (Like Riley from Inside Out)

Well, let me tell you the background of my story. 

I was a little girl, born and raised until I was 16 in a small, small town in Borneo Island, Indonesia. I come from a Chinese family, the eldest of two daughter. As I am sure you all already heard about the rage of "wanting a male successor to continue the family name (lineage)" in the Chinese (and most probably majority of ASIAN culture affected by Confucianism) culture, my family was not an exception. Although I am lucky enough to have an open-minded parents for a small town. 

I was able to go abroad to study, despite the mocking and disagreement from my big family (aunts and uncles). I vowed to make my parents proud, to be successful beyond measure to shut my big family up. 

I went for university for 3 years, I graduated on 2012 and I start working on 2013 in a Korean Company in Jakarta, Indonesia. My salary was good, but than I want more challenge. I admit I was naive and greedy back then. Not knowing much about the world, I quit the perfectly good job with good boss and good friends to look for another one. It was April 2014 and I was 23 years old. 

Might be one of the stupidest things that I have ever done, or not.

I got my new job in less than a month, that was a good job at first. I got to meet lots of business people, there is a chance to travel, the pay was less than my previous job, but with more flexible working hour. I took the job without much hesitation and high hope. I started on June 2014, with a-suppose-to-be 1 month training at East Java, Indonesia. I went gleefully, with high hope and spirit. 
Little that I know that the ending will not be pretty. I was placed there for 6 months a.k.a half a year with uncertainty when will I be positioned back to Jakarta due to technical reasons which I would rather not mentioned here. FYI, the town is foreign to me. I was never been there before, I know 2 people before I went there. I was placed in the factory 1-2 hours ride from the rental house provided by the company. I was lonely, I was uncertain, I feel hopeless. I was stressed because the company was literally not systematize. 
Therefore, with the uncertainty of the future, the stresses, and the loneliness, I decided that the job didn't worth my time at all. I quit on November 2014 to go back to my hometown. 

This might be one of the best things that I have ever done to myself.


(To Be Continued to part two... here)