Friday, September 25, 2015

BCA Frontliner Recruitment Journey (Part 2)

This post is somewhat a continuation to my previous post about BCA Recruitment 

As a part of Frontliner Program, I will need to go through a 2 months training at Jakarta which is suppose to start on October 19th

However, another unexpected things happens! BCA never cease to surprise me, I guess. I submitted all of the documents above yesterday on September 23th, 10 AM. On around 4 PM the same day I was called by the Head of Operational to be prepared as I will join the class that will be held on September 28th and I have to leave for Jakarta the next day on September 24th!!! I was utterly shocked.

But then again, life is all about unexpected changes. So, I accept the early schedule! (They emailed me the draft of Employment Contract, because the moment the flight ticket was bought, there is no way back expect paying the penalty). Then, all I remember is that: it was a rush night. I haven't had all the stuff I need for the training so I was jumping all around town to buy them. I cancelled all my appointments with friends and families scheduled for the next few days and I finished packing around 10 PM. Honestly, I am quite upset that I missed a trip to the beach with my little sister and mom because I will not be here on October :'( 

Nevertheless, I was ready then.
Although I have this ominous feeling that the flight will be cancelled as the haze is ready bad today.
Check out my previous post about this. 

On the D-day, September 24th I was really worried as the haze has turns really really bad. I called the airlines company and they told me that the flight from 6 AM on wards has been canceled as the plane from Jakarta cannot land because of the haze.

Haze Situation on Ayani Road, Pontianak, Indonesia September 2015
Haze Situation on Ayani Road, Pontianak, Indonesia

Haze Situation on Ayani II Road, Pontianak, Indonesia September 2015
Haze Situation on Ayani II Road, Pontianak, Indonesia

Those are photos taken on my way to the airport. 

Nevertheless, I still think that there is hope. So I went there on 2.45 and checked in. The airport was super crowded. I met a lot of people who missed their flight yesterday and was switch to today's flight. The ladies behind the counter told me that the flight was delayed from 15:20 to 17:30. 

I checked in my luggage and I was just sat on the bench for 5 minutes when I heard the announcement that my flight was canceled and I need to take care of my transfer on the counter. 
Why did you checked my luggage in, then?

Garuda Canceled flight Pontianak Jakarta September 2015
Shown on the counter
I came to the counter and there is already a long queue of people behind the counter. There is no more available flight for today so everyone will be switched to tomorrow. I didn't get the earliest flight tomorrow which is 10.30 because the lady behind the counter told me that morning flight is risky as the haze is more prominent during the day. So I chose the earliest afternoon schedule available, which is 17.05

Wish Me Luck!

This means I still have one day to stay at home but I will miss the contract signing!! 

I will just pray that everything will be fine tomorrow and I can arrive at Jakarta before Monday. The HR Department has already contacted the HQ at Jakarta that my flight has been delayed due to force-majeure.

On 25 September, again the weather shows no improvement, at all. According to Indonesian BMKG sites the visibility is only 0.8 KM. My friends flight was delayed from 10 AM to 7.30 PM. At 5.45, there are already 2 GARUDA flight that was cancelled as the plane cannot land due to thick haze. At this point, I am really worried that I won't be able to be in Jakarta by Monday. But then, around 6 PM, I heard 2 planes were landing!! Those two are LION AIR and GARUDA INDONESIA! That is HOPE!

I was waiting there with my mom for another announcement. The airport is really packed!! I will never ever buy a plane ticket during this time even if you pay it for me, if not for Job-Related-Cannot-Cancel purpose. Around 6.30, the airport let out an announcement calling all passengers of GARUDA flight GA 507 to on board the plane!! I am so lucky as my flight, GA 507 which is suppose to fly at 17.05 today was not cancelled and I manage to fly around 7 PM! Waiting for my luggage and taxi takes ages! I reached my rental room around 10! SAFE!! That is a lot of things happen at once, thanks to BCA!

Anyway, my class is going to start at this Monday. 
I will keep you guys updated about the schedule of the program soon!

------------------------- JUST AN EXTRA NOTE -------------------------

I am tired and I am a mess. The room that I rent, which I ordered online due to tight schedule (read about ti here) was also a mess. It doesn't look anything like the picture they posted on Internet and I am greatly disappointed because they didn't even clean the room. I am DEAD tired but I cannot sleep in a dusty room! I am allergic to dust and dirt, I do not want to have reddish skin on my first day. That is not pretty. 
The bathroom is no better and the water is running really really slow and it is dirty. I have this itch all over my body. I tried to filter the water tap the next day with my wet tissue and guess what I found out?

I was shocked!!
Truly, Madly, Deeply.
This is the "dirt" that was filtered through my wet tissue.
No wonder I am itching all over!

That's it! I am moving ASAP!
Looking for a good rental room around Slipi Kemangisan!

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