Thursday, September 3, 2015

Greasy Hair Fix when You do not Wash Your Hair

Have you ever heard from your parents to not wash your hair too often as it will strip the natural oil from your scalp? YES! Recently I found out that washing hair everyday is actually bad for your scalp but there comes the dilemma: greasy hair. It might give the negative impact on our appearance and it smells. 

have had this kinda problem?

Why our parents told us not to wash our hair too often:
• Washing removes hair's natural oils which actually help to create texture in hair, moisturizing, and protecting skin and hair which might resulted in dry, flaky scalp.
• Shampoo are packed with chemicals (silicon, sulfate, ammonia, alcohol, to name a few) which means you're just as at risk from harmful chemicals in your shampoo.
• Waste of water and shampoo.

Shampoo was not even invented by the nature and ancient people do not even use shampoo. The earliest recorded history of shampoo is on the 16th Century in India according to wikipedia. However, we definitely need to wash our hair more often than we did a generation ago, due to pollution, heat, exercise routine, etc. Here in Indonesia, the combination of global warming and dry season has let the temperature during the day reach up to 41 Celsius!! 

Although the ideal frequency to wash your hair is every 2-3 days, that is quite impossible during summer or if you are living in tropical part of the earth, like me. I think there should be no blanket recommendation as I believe it is different from people to people. Take into account your hair texture, your activities, and your climate. If hair is visibly oily, scalp is itching, smelly, or there’s flaking due to dirt, those are signs it’s time to shampoo. 
Meanwhile, what you can do to fix your greasy hair?
• Tie your hair up. The Ariana Grande is in style! or you can braid your bangs. Usually the hair near the scalp is the greasier area. 
• If you are wearing bangs, just tie the rest of your hair and just wash your bangs. It will freshen your looks instantly

• Use dry shampoo. It is quite a popular and handy products, but if you do not own it, what you can do is:

    • Tap on baby powder. Put some on the palm on your hand and dab it couple of times before rubbing and massaging it gently on your hair and scalp. You do not want that white spot on your hair. You can actually use any powder, but I love to use any baby products as they have less irritant substances. 
    • Tap some baby cologne for the smell.
If you happens to not own it as well, you can use hand sanitizer and perfume, their alcohol content can absorb oil on your scalp but I personally avoid everything with alcohol as I am scared that it might ruin my roots. I have a huge paranoia to baldness. 

And with that, I think you are done. 
This is ME! lol!

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