Thursday, October 29, 2015

Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder [REVIEW]

I finally found my Holy Grail Face Powder!!!!
Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder!
It was that Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder!

I used to believe that all loose powders are the same, until I found this Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder. This is an amazing products, trust me. I first found out about this through countless beauty vloggers who loved and have been preaching about the goodness of this products for centuries. After I tried this, then I know the reason why!!

Innisfree is quite a famous brand in Korea. However, there is no official Innisfree store set up in Indonesia yet. The only way to purchase this item is through online shop. I bought mine for 95K but then I found another store selling at 75K! *sigh* I won't put the store name there tho. 

All right, back to the products, the loose powder comes in a small round green container with a small puff. 

Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder

Believe me, I am shocked at first when I saw how small the product is. I even have it measured!
It is only a 5.5 cm diameter products. 
Well, it is handy although it means it only contains little amount of products; and I wonder why it is so cheap. Oh well.

Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder Diameter

The loose powder is suppose to be translucent but the color of the powder is white. It does give a slight white tint to your face, although hardly noticeable after couple hours (less if you are in a hot and humid area) 

Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder content

Ir claims to be all natural, contains mineral from Jeju, and is a sebum-free formula. 
And I can say that, YES!! It is!
I honestly haven't encounter such a long lasting loose powder before Innisfree Mineral Powder! It sticks to the skin perfectly and last until long enough that I do not have to re-apply them to conceal my oily T-zone! 
I love it!


Price: Rp 75K - 95K
• Long lasting,my T-zone is not as oily as without this
• Neutral color, it is translucent
• Contains mineral
• Relatively cheap for the size
• Portable, it is really small!
• Very small!! :'( which means it contains only a couple mg of products. I am getting ready for the new one! haha
Recommended: YES!! This is honestly a holy grail products for me with the combination of my oily skin and tropical area, nothing can hold the make up better than this!
Repurchase: YESSS!!!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Chir Chir (치르치르) Korean Fried Chicken at Somerset, Singapore

By this time you guys should have known  that I have a profound love for South Korea.Their pop culture, their make up, and of course their food!


One of the korean food that I love is their Korean fried chicken. I don't really know why, but Korean Fried Chicken is... somewhat different compared to KFC or McDonalds although I cannot say that the latter is less tasty.

Korean fried chicken has this unique seasoning taste that people cannot get bored of and most of them claims that they are using healthy, low fat chicken. With the increasing concern of healthy food, the hype of Korean culture, and the tasty chicken, no wonder the Korean Fried Chicken is now one of the world's phenomenon. The franchise of this business has spread across nations. 

I have been to and tried couple of Korean Fried Chicken in Jakarta, namely Bonchon, Chili Jeans, Kyochon, Kkuldakk, etc. 


This time, I will review my experienced in Singapore, with Chir Chir Korean Fried Chicken. 

One of my very close friend are working and living at Singapore, one of the country with quite large amount of Overseas Korean nearby. They have a lot of good and innovative Korean restaurant. 

Chir Chir Chicken has been a hype recently, following couple of big instagram food bloggers who come for a visit and recommending this restaurant on their blog. 

The restaurant was located at the #B3-04-06 of Somerset mall, in Singapore. 
B3 stands for Basement 3 and I foolishly go to 3rd FL.

Anyway, the price of the food is quite high, ranging from SGD 26-30++ but the portion is amazingly huge!
We ordered a Salad. I honestly forget the name of the salad, but do not worry, there are not many option to choose from.

The salad is fresh and sourish. It is a good appetizer and it has great amount of chicken in it as well. 
Simply delicious.

Chir Chir Chicken Salad

For the main course, we are having Garlicky Tenders for $26.90.
It is so good! the chickens come in abundance and they have roasted tokpoki and garlic!
I love roasted tokpoki and even though I dislike garlic, I ate it! 
Simply delicious! *droll*

Garlicky Tenders from Chir Chir Chicken
Garlicky Tenders from Chir Chir Chicken
If you manage to notice, they provide the cute mini-fork/tongs so that you don't need to use your hands on the food. It is quite sturdy and practical. Not to mention cute! Hehe!
The service is spot on and the food is delicious. It worth the price!

Chir Chir Fushion Chicken
#B3-04/05/06, 313 @ Somerset,
313 Orchard Road, Singapore, 238895

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

[REVIEW] CLIO Waterproff Kill Brown Pen Liner

I am ruining out of eyeliner for 2 days before the parcel containing my CLIO waterproof Kill Brown Pen Liner arrived. I was using the K-Palette Eyeliner Tattoo 24 H also in Brown for a year and it has just finished. 

I heard there are tons of good review about CLIO's eyeliner, therefore I decided to buy it. 
I found one on Qoo10 for Rp 155,000,-
There are two options to the waterproff eyeliner: Pen or Brush. I am confused but ended up buying the pen liner. I thought that the brush must be too "brush-y" that it will be very hard for me to apply it. But then, now I was thinking that I might have made a huge mistake by taking the pen liner.

I miss my K-palette so much! I think I am gonna repurchase it.

The CLIO liner is made in Japan. Claimed  to be waterproof, and have no smudge formula. It is also recommended for beginner. 

I do not find it all true though:

Waterproof ✔️
Its the common, most basic procedures.

No Smudge Formula ✖️
Not really 'No Smudge' actually. It comes off in small dust-like pieces. It doesn't stay as long and as strong as my K-palette *started crying*
In addition, I do not think that this eyeliner is suitable for people with oily face or for you who life in tropical or humid area. The products fades overtime. It gets overshadowed by the eyeshadow. Can you see the difference???? It is just like the eyeliner is being 'eaten' by my eyeshadow!!! 

Beginner Friendly ✖️ (?)
This is might be my fault. I have been using eyeliner for 3 years and I have never use any pen liner before. I bought this liner, wrongly. The end of the pen is really sturdy and pointy that it kinda hurts my eyelid. *sob* I cannot apply it nice and as evenly as my K-palette. It doesn't dry fast enough. My K-Palette dries up within seconds so when I blink, the product won't get into my upper lid. I am really sad and disappointing. 

After countless good review from all the beauty vloggers and bloggers, I am so very disappointed. 
I think this eyeliner will sit on my drawer or ended up in someone else's make up box. 
I am Sad

I do not even feels like reviewing this product.


Price: Rp 155.000 (before delivery cost)
• Well, the cap has a springy function which was nice.
• Smugde, after all day wearing it, it is just half of it left on my eye
• Not recommended for all day use in tropical area, it is somewhat 'over-ride' by the eyeshadow
• The color is not strong, you have to apply it over and over but the tip is so hard, it hurts your eyelid
• Not realt waterproff
Recommended: NO.
Repurchase: HELL, NO.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Legend of Noodles - 취강 해물짬뽕

So, I figure that since I was at Jakarta, why not have a fun culinary adventure and try all sort of food that I have been craving since God knows when? haha!

Anyway, I have been craving for Korean Food for quite a time by now and I luckily got to try the delicious, famous, and currently very "IN" in Jakarta, the LEGEND OF NOODLES!
Legend of Noodles Senopati Name Sign
Legend of Noodles
Originally opened at Senopati, South Jakarta; It has recently open a new branch at the "IT" place, PIK, North Jakarta. I went to the one in Senopati, tho. 
The original place is always better, right? and I heard that the menus are more complete too! Plus there are so many Koreans that literally, the table on my front, back, northwest and south west are all Koreans!!!

Legend of Noodles Senopati
This is what the restaurant looks like on the inside.
They have second floor too!
It has the "Drivers' Restaurant Feel"

Legend of Noodles BanChan
Not much banchan is served.
I love the kimchi tho <3
Cold green tea is given in a big bottle, just like when you are in Korea, and it is self service.
Not long after, the food come!!

I cannot believe my eyes! 
The bowl is no damn huge and the fillings are so damn generous!!
With 85K/bowl there are tons of seafood!!!!
I am in an awe!!
There are clams, prawns, small crabs, small octopus, and squid!
짬뽕 Legend of Noodles Senopati

짬뽕 Legend of Noodles Senopati
짬뽕 from Legend of Noodle
Look at those generous seafood!!!!

Jjajang Myeon Legend of Noodles Senopati
Jjajang Myeon
Hell good!!! I haven't taste a Jjajang Myeon quite like this one!!

The Jjajang Myeon is sooooo goooddddd!!! The noodles are chewy and soft, the meat and potatoes are plentiful, the gravy is spot on!!

I think the noodles are hand pulled. It is sooooo damn good!!!
and it is so long!! we have to cut it to consume it (OK, I share the two bowls so of course we have to cut it)
OK, now I look at the picture and I want to eat it again! Damn!
Will be revisiting soon!!!

I also ordered another plate of Tangsuyuk (Sweet-Sour-Pork) which is so good! and since it comes in the middle of our eating, I didn't manage to take the picture hahaha!
Glutton before Picture!

You should definitely visit this noodle house!
Did I mention that I have to park the car far far away because the parking area near the restaurant is very very full????
It is so damn good and so damn cheap, that's why there are a hell lot of people coming. 
Oh, and when I visit, an ang mo comes for a visit too! haha! Just saying tho!

Anyway, the shop is located at:

Legend of Noodle Senopati
Jl. Senopati No. 81, 
Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, 12180
(021) 52906995
Opening hours: 11:00 am - 9:00 pm


BCA Frontliner Program: "The Prestige Problem"

I have been joining the company for a fortnight by the time this post is written. In this second week, I have received lots of lessons about the bank, the products, and the correct attitude towards work and life. In addition, I get to know a lot of my friends better.

The Girls @ class
I was lucky to be a part of this awesome team. They are all crazy, carefree, yet attentive girls who are comforting, accepting, and will take care of you no matter what. Some of them have a really big heart and brightest personalities of all people I have ever encountered!! I love you all!! 

The girls @class (after class)

However as I get to know them, I get to know not only the bright side but also the dark side. 
As we were getting closer, it is more comfortable for us to share some of our problems with each other. 

Mask comes in all shapes and sizes!

Everyone wears a mask to protect themselves from the world and I think it is wise to do so; No one survive without the mask on, anyway. I don't blame anyone and I don't judge. I, myself wear a mask.

The problem is, they wear theirs so perfectly well that I thought it is them in their own skin!! I was wrong tho, they have they own insecurities and problems but they are able to smile and be carefree about it!

Anyway, the biggest and most common concern among the girls are:

YES!! It is prestige!! and I admit, I have had that concern before.

Well, first what is prestige? 

I think this quote describe "PRESTIGE" quite well

and beware, it can "blind" you!

To sums up, the prestige here is the Social Status which includes: Power, Money, Ego, and Pride.

FYI, in Indonesia, the Bank Frontliner job as "Customer Service Officer" or "Teller" is not a prestigious job that  people want. The pay is not too high and the financial risk is high. 
in short,


Honestly, we, PFL are not stupid at all. Some come from a good university majoring in Food Tech, some from Law School, and some from IT background. We are mostly here because our personality test says that we belongs to the Operational Division!! Because we have the skills and ability to do the operational job!! NO Less!

TO Dear Other Trainees Program:
Just because it is different from your skills, or is not needed by you,
doesn't mean that it is (we are) worthless or less then you!!

I am honestly thought that they (my friends) didn't have that kind of thoughts in mind as they are so carefree and they look happy. I never know that quite a few of them didn't even tell their closest friend about their job now because they are scared of being judge harshly.

Of course, I had that thoughts as well. It is just that mine happened before I signed the contract. I think the burden is heavier on my shoulder as I am an international graduates and I have been having good jobs with good pay before. 

However, as I get into the training, I started to realized that this lowly job is actually a lot better than all my previous jobs. 
  • I really feel needed and cherished by the company
  • I know I am in a really good hand (the company really take care of their employees' welfare)
  • I know clearly what benefit I get now and what I can be in the future (career path)
  • I know clearly what I am doing (the clear job desk and what is expected from me)
  • I am happy (this is by far the most important things on the equation!!)
  • I know that the company is credible!! (this is an important point for me, due to the harsh experience that I have been through before)
  • The company gives as much or more than what we could give back (our training is very costly! We got free lunch, 2 snacks, accommodation support, in class training and outbound training with professional trainers. 

The reasons why I should not be shameful of the job:

  • There is really rare for a company to really take care of their people as good as BCA. They give us expensive training + meals + allowance + flight tickets for us to be a better person. They help us to balance our working life and personal life by a lot of programs and seminars. Do any other company able to do that??
  • It is not easy to enter the company. Many fails during the entrance exam or interview or medical check up. Those who join the company are already selected individuals! 
Did you know how many have fail? and how many stages we have to get through????
  • There is a clear career ladder to climb. There is less nepotism here as everything is transparent. If you have a skills and you can show them to your bosses, that skill will be fully utilized. Some of the ex-frontliners become a trainer that is sought after even after retirement!!
Well, my previous jobs!
  • As I mentioned before, BCA 'graduates' is highly sought after. So, even if your contract was terminated after 3 years, do not worry about employment!! Other banks know how valuable you are.
  • There is lots of bonuses! THR, THT, Performance bonuses! I do not even get that from my 2 previous jobs!
  • There is a lot of programs with the winner's prize: TRAVELLING ABROAD! *not easy tho, I know, but still*
  • There is not such thing as lowly job! I am not doing a crime or something bad. This is a legal job and I am not receiving my paycheck from those so-called-friends. If I am listening to what they say, can they give me a job??

What I have done to prove myself to others:

  • Believe in yourself. I believe that as long as there is a will, there is a way! If you do not believe in yourself, no one will. As my Head of Operational said, "Do not think about what people will tell you, about how come an international graduates be a frontliner. I started from frontliner as well." This words have actually be my pillars of strength against many many doubts  that I had along the way. Those words give me hope and confidence that: "It doesn't matter where you start, it matters where it ends"
  • Shut yourself out of negative people. Those who matters doesn't care and those who care doesn't matter! Work hard and be successful! Let success be your noise!! There is no better way to silence them than success right? 
  • Do awesome jobs! Nothing speaks louder than the good results from the works you do. 
  • Have the attitude right. It is a inner beauty that shine the brightest after all. If your supervisor can see how good you are with people, I believe they will trust you and give you more chances to prove yourself as well.

I think those who jump right up to the top lack experience and wisdom to take decision. They also lack empathy and know how about stuff. 

Anyway, I have promised myself to climb up the career leader in 3 years or less!!

Oh, and I found this really nice quote for my profession!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Solution for Dry and Chapped Lips (EOS lipbalm)

Chapped lips is my once-in-a-while lip problem that doesn't seems to go away completely. It just keeps happening from time to time. In fact chapped lips can happen to anyone and usually we will just realize it when they get really chapped or bleeding. It doesn't help if you have the habit of bitting your peeled skin, just like me.

Dry lips especially chapped lips will have a negative impact for our overall appearance as in today's world, where ladies lips should be plump, soft, and kissable. Our lip product won't sit well on chapped lips as well. They will crack and look bumpy, giving uneven color, and unnatural finish. No matter how expensive or beautiful the color of our lip products are, chapped lips will bring those down to nothing. 

Well, the big question: 
Why is our perfectly soft lips be chapped the next day? 
There are couple of reasons for that according to my experience:

• Lack of Moisture/Dehydration
Lips doesn't contains oil glands like other parts of the skin. Oil glands is actually needed to lock the moisture in to our skin. The absent of oil glands on our lips skin tissue has actually caused it to be more prone to losing moisture, dry out, and be chapped. 
Furthermore, based on my observation from time to time, my chapped lips occurs when I do not drink enough water. Our body consist of mainly water (72%) and the lack of water has actually have a large impact on our body mechanical system. Drinking water will ensure that you have enough moisture to maintain the needs of our whole body (which includes our lips).

• Lips licking habit
I saw a lot of article saying that you are not suppose to lick your lips but I personally never take that into consideration until two year ago when I got the confirmation from a dermatologist who told me not to lick my lips as our saliva will do more harm than good. Licking lips will cause more persistent dryness. It will only moisture your lips for a while but then the saliva will actually eats away the thin skin layer on your lips and caused more dryness! In a long run, it will caused a darkening lips! which is a big NO-NO. Our lips should be pinkish.

Consumption of certain drugs/medication
I have actually experienced this during those time when I was on dr. Kun's acne medicine. I am sure if you are living around Jakarta area, you would know him. He is a very popular doctor (dermatologist/acne specialist) and he treated many patients who suffered from mild to severe acne.
Some acne medication which helps to control sebum in your face does affect your lips involuntarily as a side effects. I was once given an oral medication (pill) and facial ointment (face cream). After I consumed the pill and apply the face cream for around a week, my whole face which was usually oily, dried out. That indirectly affect my lips. My lips chapped no matter how many glasses of water I drank. I have to use a heavy consistency lipbalm to keep it from peeling and bleeding. 
After those 'tragedy', I used my lipbalm even when I sleep, which leads me to discover the potential to use the lipbalm as a "sleep-mask". I think rather than buting a separate mask for your lips, it is better to just use your lipbalm. Save your money for new attire. 
You can use honey or royal jelly as well for more natural options, but considering that I move a lot on my sleep, I do not want the honey or royal jelly to smear all over my bed cover and invites unnecessary insects. 

You can use any lipbalm you have. I just happen to own the EOS lipbalm. 
I first found out about the EOS lipbalm from Hillary Duff's "Chasing the Sun" music video.
Hillary Duff's "Chasing the Sun" Music Video, EOS Lipbalm
Hillary Duff's "Chasing the Sun" Music Video + EOS Lipbalm
Isn't it eye catchy? Not to mention a hell lot of celebrities are caught using the lipbalm. I owned the cute pink EOS lipbalm in Strawberry Sorbet. It has a nice sweet scent as well.

EOS Lipbalm in Strawberry Shorbet Pink
EOS Lipbalm in Strawberry Shorbet

I usually just apply the lipbalm on my lips and sleep with it over night. The result is pretty amazing. 
EOS Lipbalm Application, Chapped Lips
Before: Chapped and Dry Lips
After: After applying the EOS Lipbalm. It looks more moist (of course)
The next day: I let it set overnight. The results on the next day is more distinct. The chapped parts are smooth out and it actually turn more healthy and pinkish.

See the difference? I was wearing the lipbalm on 8 PM to 5 AM the next morning (Next day picture). My lips are actually looking softer and healthier. The peeled skin was somewhat healed and it was glowing pinkish-ly. I usually continue wearing it as a sleeping-mask for 2-3 days to ensure that the chapped lips gone away. Until it comes again. *sigh


Price: $ 3.29 on the website (here)
• Cute packaging 
• No coloring and sweet scent
• Deeply moisture without being too sticky.
• Convenient to bring a long (in your bag)
• The egg shape (round) easy application
• It is on a hype, so why not?
• It last too long (LOL)
• Aside from the hype, I do not see too distinct features that will make me want to continue buying it.  
Repurchase: Probably not. One EOS lipbalm will last for God knows when. I think I will be so bored by that time comes. 
Recommend: Yes, you should try it. It is a overall good lipbalm.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Aritaum Full Cover Stick Concealer No. 1 (Light Beige) Review

It is the firts Aritaum product that I owned. I have heard about the brand for quite a while as they are quite popular among the beauty bloggers and vloggers for their quality. I was a bit doubtful at first, whether to buy or not to buy this product because I have never owned a concealer before. Although I feel like I should try it to see why people are loving it so much!!

What makes concealer so special that people cannot live without them? or cannot use foundation, or BB cream, or CC cream to replace them?

Why use concealer, Paula's Choice
This is the first thing I found on Google.
Not an alternative to all-over foundation, but compliments it.
So why not just use your foundation twice?
Then, I found this on Yahoo Answers
They can cover up tougher imperfection! I assume with smoother finish?
Dark circle? Any one?
Oh, and once in a while, pimples?

So, by then I decided I will buy the concealer. The Aritaum concealer is the yellow type. Aritaum is not available here in Indonesia. I bought mine from Qoo10 (Indonesia Gmarket) from a selller Best Prize Breezy, you can access them here. I chose the seller as they offer the low delivery rate (Rp 39,000) and I bought several other stuffs from them. (Parcel delivery cost from Jakarta-Pontianak is around Rp 26,000)

Aritaum Concealer in #01 Light Beige
Aritaum Full Cover Concealer in No. 01 (Light Beige)
It is a stick concealer with a pen-like shape with two ends
The first end is where the concealer is, it has creamy texture but once on the skin, it feels a bit powdery
The other end is where a soft brush that I assumed is attached for blending purpose

I cannot wait to try but I have make up on my face at that time. So, I applied it to the back of my hand. Fortunately, I had a bruise from bumping a chair the other day (I am a clumsy) that I will try to cover. 

Aritaum Full Cover Concealer in No.1 (Light Beige)
1. There is the bruise
2. Applied the concealer and blending
3. I guess its 80% gone

I was thinking, NOT BAD! but then I have no comparison as I have never owned a concealer. But hey, I can use BB/CC cream for this, right?

Therefore, I decided to use it on my face the day after. I apply it to the recommended area: eyes, nose (near nostril area), and pimples. I also use it as a eye primer as I am running out! And I am loving it.
Aritaum Concealer
Left: Bare Face
Middle: Concealer applied on eyebag, nose, cheeks, eyelid, and troubled areas
Right: All concealer blended

Now I know why people are buying concealer, it covers blemishes and dark spots perfectly without the heavily layered coverage like BB/CC cream. It makes the skin look flawless with just concealer along. 

As an eyeprimer, they work wonders as well! I think its roughly the same as if you are using eyeprimer as eyeshadow base. They do the color justice and they prevent creasing. Although I will still buy an eye primer.

Now I am loving concealer and I thank God that I found them! Will going to try liquid concealer next time for sure!


Price:  It cost me Rp 97,000,- on Qoo10

• Good Coverage
• Feels light on my skin and doens't cause any break up
Aritaum Concealer Full cover stick
Some product residue is left
on the packaging
• Cheap

• I think it blends better when I dab it with my hand. I do not use the brush. I think the packaging will be better without the brush.
• The consistency is cream and they put it in a twist up packaging. Some of the products are wasted  when we twist it back.

Recommended: Yes! It has good coverage, doesn't feel heavy on my skin, long last, and doesn't cause any break out. It matches the skin tone well. Oh, you are supose to buy concelaer in 1 shade lighter that your foundation color. 

Repurchase: Not sure. This is my first concelaer, I think I should try several brands and type to know what worls best for me. Haha! I am feeling adventerous already. 

Monday, October 5, 2015

HOLIKA HOLIKA Aqua Petite Jelly BB Cream #1 Light Beige (REVIEW)

After my long term CC cream finally be drained till its last drop, I decided to not repurchase the product and switch to another brand. Why? Because, aren't we all adventurous ladies?

I bet you all must have heard about this BB cream before as they are often voted as the holy grail BB cream by a hell lot of beauty vlogger: Michelle Phan, MeeJMuse, Sunnydahye, and a lot more!! YES, it is the HOLIKA HOLIKA Aqua Petite Jelly BB Cream! 

The infamous Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream
The infamous Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream
They are famous for their light, watery, jelly like consistency that gives you a cooling effects and feeling that you have nothing on your skin. Not to mention durable and high coverage! It is very suitable for tropical, hot, and humid weather in the country I am living in. It also have SPF 20 PA++. I was swoon over the marvelous reviews and I manage to get mine at their stores here in Jakata for Rp 297,000. I bought the eye brow pencil and masks and I manage to get the member for Holika Holika here!

Lets start with the box. 

The infamous Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream Warning

There are some notes on the side of the box that catch my attention. They have a warning attached on the side of the box. This is quite rare. I was a little bit put off by the warning as I think that the product might consist of heavy or irritating substances that might troubled my skin. Well, you know, getting a warning sign even before trying out the product triggers the red light on my brain.
They include some storing and handling direction as well.

Next up on the other side of the box is the product description, direction to apply, and the ingredient. The main component of all is water. Just like the name of the product: Aqua Petit Jelly. 
The infamous Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream ingredients

The little turn of about this product is that it contains paraben. As we all know, paraben is a common preservative used in cosmetic products, which in the long run might caused cancer. Oh, well. It is quite hard to find a paraben free Korean cosmetic products. I will be looking forward for the time when they can totally remove paraben from this products. But for now, I will be using this product. 

The product comes in a elegant glass packaging which is quite sturdy but I don't think it is travel friendly. I am worried that I might drop it and the glass packaging might break. They give you a white sponge as well. I assume that as the consistency might be watery, the sponge will be needed as the finishing touch to remove/dab off the excessive products.

Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream Packaging
Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream Packaging and sponge
I bought mine in #1 Light Beige because the shop assistant recommended me this shades over the #2 Natural Beige. My skin in naturally pale, somewhat of the Caucasian Pale, and I do not have any Caucasian Heritage, I think. (Although some of my aunties and my grandfather look like Caucasian). Let that just be an unsolved mystery and Lets gets back to the review.

The inside of the glass bottle is the BB cream and a spatula applicator attached on the cap. I am having a hygiene concern here. 
Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream Packaging Inside
Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream Packaging Consistency and Spatula
As you can see here the consistency is amazing. It lives up to its name, Aqua Petit JELLY. I have been pulling out the spatula for couple minutes while taking the pictures and yet the products still stays on its place, not moving much. I tried to pick it up and it feels like pudding jelly. You know the Paris Baguette Pudding, it feels exactly like that. 
Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream Consistency Pudding
Left: I know it is a bit gross. But the consistency is amazing. It doesn't fall off my fingers.
Middle: Applied on my hand. It feels a bit powdery when we blend it our
Right: A smooth finishing. Not too dry, not too dewy.
Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream Applied
Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream applied on my face
It feels really light on my face and it is refreshing. The coverage is awesome and it is durable even after all day outdoor activity. 

Price:  Rp 295,000 on the Holika Holika Outlet
• Good Coverage
• Durable
•  Light on skin
•  Doesn't causes any breakouts
• Have SPF
• Cheap
• The color matches my skin well and it oxidize well on my skin.
• Spatula applicator (hygiene issues)
• Glass Bottle Packaging
• Paraben
Repurchase: Most probably NO. I love to use a different type of products and this one contains paraben. ButI will see when the times come.
Recommended: Even tons of bloggers and vloggers are recommending this products! I do not think this segments is needed honestly. YES! It is awesome and this might me one of the best BB cream I have ever use!

PS: I change my blog name from quinnyov to thehappyprodigy recently. Hence, the different watermark on the pictures