Sunday, January 3, 2016

End of 2015 and the start of the year 2016

Happy New Year 2016!!
Cannot believe how fast time flies! It is already the 3rd day of 2016!

It was yet another year passing by.

This is a note to self about what I have accomplished through out 2015 and what my resolution and what I want to accomplish on 2016.

What I have learned and accomplished through out 2015:

  • I got a new job (hope I can get through it till 2018 September) and new awesome friends!
  • I got to visit a new country
  • I got to know about myself more through trainings and seminars
  • I learned how to be grateful (I am blessed)
  • I learned that we lose friends as we grow older and it is OK
  • I learned that we cannot trust everyone (although I always did, at first)
  • I learned that work is not easy but being unemployed was harder
  • I learned about investment
  • I learned that people will always talk behind your back and that is OK, I have learned not to care
  • I have learned that we cannot be liked by everyone and we cannot make everyone happy and that is OK too
  • I have learned that life is hard and I have get rid of the fantasy that has been clouding my judgment for a while now
  • I have learned that opportunities won't come twice in life. Once you lose it, then it is over.
  • I have learned that no matter how clever you are academically; Eventually it goes down to luck, connections, and opportunities when it comes to career success.
  • I have learned many more other things that I probably didn't realise or couldn't remember anymore.

What I want to achieve in 2016

As important it is to list our our achievements in last year, it is also important to list down our resolution for the better tomorrow. I will be 25 this years and that is quarter of the century. I am no longer a young adult. I am an adult and I am gonna be a good one. 

  • I will certainly secure the permanent employee position and pass the test with flying numbers
  • I will master everything at work and get through 3 years without anymore mistakes (hopefully)
  • I will be a good friends with anyone
  • I will exceed others expectation of me
  • I will hang out with people more and spread my connections
  • I will lead a healthier life
  • I will get closer to God
  • I want to have more than 1 financial investment
  • I want to take my mom abroad for travelling
  • I want to visit a new country
  • I want to make my parents proud of me
  • I want to be a better, more mature, wiser, more knowledgeable, more responsible, and more in everything this year.

Dear 2016,
Please be Kind and Wonderful to me! <3