Friday, September 11, 2015

Glamglow Supermud Review

GLAMGLOW! A mask from Hollywood, California. It comes in couple of variant. Youthful Mud (Anti-aging), Power Mud (Deep Clean), Thirsty Mud (Hydrating), Flash Mud (Brightening), and Super Mud (Clearing for trouble skin). 

Glamglow Award and Winnings
Apparently its an Award Wining products.
Glamglow was originally exclusively designed for professional backstage use in Hollywood, until 2011 when it becomes available for public consumers worldwide. In no time it has become one of the hottest products on earth. 

I will be reviewing the Supermud which I personally owned. I bought it on Luxola last year on sale. It is actually quite expensive. On normal price, it costs Rp 780.000 or around USD 55 for a tiny 34 gram product. I save it on;y for special occasions (all face) or when my blackheads are too much for my eyes to bear (nose area only). 

Closer look to what Glamglow Supermud is:
Glamglow Supermud claims
I found myself agreeing to the results as I personally experienced them.
Glamglow Supermud Ingredients
Glamglow Supermud's Ingredients

The product comes in a small white tube and it is literally mud. It is somewhat creamy with black/dark gray flake and it smells somewhat mint-like scent. 

Glamglow Supermud
The texture is mud-like.
It turns from dark gray into soft gray after usage.

Glamglow Supermud

When I first applied it on my face, I felt a little bit of stings and my face felt like it was pulled and my pores was squeezed shut. The scent is minty but I haven't decided whether I like it or not. 

I know for sure that the product is working as after around 3 minutes of using the mask, It change colors from the thick gray to lighter shades of gray. Leave if for another minutes, it turns lighter with black dots all over. Those dots are supposed to be the impurities (oil, dirt, make up residue, etc) left on your face. As you can see in the picture below, my nose areas are filled with most dots, as I have lots of blackheads there. 

Psychologically, I think it was good that a product actually shows some sign that they are working, even if they are not (like tooth paste). It is just the psychological thing, tho. 

Glamglow supermud review
It dries into softer gray and forms dots of impurities after couple of minutes.
I usually leave it longer then wash it off with warm water.
I would recommend to wash your face with warm water then cold water afterwards. The mud is not easy to rub off and it left black residue all over the sink. I usually mask before I took my bath, so the waste is all washed off in the bathroom.

After washing my face with warm water, I applied toner and moisturizer and I noticed immediate changes on my skin. I pores was visibly smaller and almost all of my blackheads were gone. My skin felt so smooth and it glowed healthily!
I took the picture for before after but not much changes can be seen from the photo alone. I zoomed and zoomed but the difference of blackheads existence cannot be seen clearly. So, decided not to post them. LOL.

Price: Expensive! Rp 780.000 or around USD 55 

  • It delivers its promise
  • Clear, Soft, Smooth, Blackhead-less skin


  • Price is high

Repurchase: YES! I am saving my money for it.
Recommend: YES! Even if the price is sky high, it worth the investment!

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