Sunday, December 27, 2015

PFL BCA - Open the Counter for the First Time

Please note that I am bound to the company's secret that I cannot tell you guys the stories in details about procedures and internal information and I am a newbie who might not have a clear or deep understanding of the companies procedures yet. Disclaimer is ON.

So, after 4 days of observation: 1 days at the counter and 3 days at desk, I am opening my own counter!
Of course my seniors is still sitting behind me in case (of course) I need help. 

I must tell you know that you will feel extremely useless and stupid. Around 80% of what you have learned at the training centre is not applicable here.

Do not say that I didn't warn you.

This is serious!
I made some stupid mistakes, forgetting small things on my first day opening a counter!
I have to redeem myself after the service hour is over.
I feel like a no-brainer slow poke.
I am considered pretty fast for a beginner.
Still, I feel like I am left behind every one by large margin.

I am lucky enough to have a very good, patient, and thoughtful mentor.
IDK who is this Anthony, but the quotes is spot on
I can't never thank her enough. 
The things is, not everyone is as lucky  as you.

People have different characteristics and some might not get a long well with others. 
This is what my other friends have encountered. 
I feel sad for them. 
I still have a difficult time adjusting myself to my colleagues as they have know each other for pretty long time. I knew this is my weak points for quite a time already. I am working on it, as hard as I can.

What you should be preparing:

  • Big water bottle
  • Memorise your TXN (all of them) if you can't yet write a small notes and place them where the customers  cannot see. You will still need to memorise them, the notes is only for temporary use.
  • Small notes/books to take some important notes. Do not forget your mentoring sheets.
  • Have enough breakfast! You do not know when your turn to have lunch will come. Mine is around 13:30.

The first 2 days is pretty harsh, even for me. 
I made stupid mistakes and I felt left behind but things start getting better on the third day. I even sell AIA products! and I didn't forget anything anymore. Such a bliss.

I still have long way to go, but as long as my superiors and colleagues think that I am advancing fast enough I think I am on the right track. 

This is those time that make a lot of my friends think of giving up on the contract (honestly me too). The working environment is pretty harsh and I do not think that we have been credited enough. 

 But thinking about it, this is a choice that I have been taken and I have been through lots of things worse than this. 
Why did I turn whinny and weak?
I should be the strong willed and inspiring person!


Even if I didn't continue the contract after 3 years:
I want to at least graduate through the training period with all of my classmates.
I want to at least go and see how far I can go in this company in 3 years.
I want to get the knowledge, experience, and connections to the most from working here. I wouldn't go out with nothing this time.

I feel like inserting some of Confucius sayings:

Remember that everything starts from a single steps.
The small actions today might turns out to be a big changes in the future.
Be persistent and do not give up easily.

No explanation needed for this one.

You reap what you saw.
What you give to people will be felt and be given back to you.
Hopefully thousand times more.

I think this might be the most important of all.
To go with all your heart for me means to give your all.
To never do things half way because it gets hard.
I personally did that before and I kinda see myself doing it a different way if I could by now.
Time and opportunities is something that cannot be turned back. Use it wisely.

If you are interested to know more about my PFL journey, you can click here

I wrote down most of my journey from recruitment to the in-class training and OJT.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

POMM Korean Bags

Alright, this is meant to be a random short post. 
I just wanna share with you about the good mini hand bag that I have just bought.

It is from a brand called "PoMM" claimed to be manufactured in Korea.
I found this accidentally when I was browsing through, looking for a mini handbag.

The review for this products is good and it was on a half price reduction promo from IDR 598,000.- to 289,000.-

Thinking that it worth the try, I bought it!
The shipping is from Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia and it reach my place (I was at Jakarta ATM) in a week.

The packaging was super good!
They put layers and layers of bubble wrap and plastic wrap.
It also comes with a cute dust bag with the brand written on it.


There are 3 colours available: black, hot pink, and beige.
I was looking for a black bag, hence the colour choice I made.

This is what the bag looks like.

from the front

inside looks

You can use the sling 'rope' up to your likings.
The leather quality is very good for the price.
a friend of mine actually want to buy the bag to find out that the 50% promo is over.
She decided not to buy it then. (I was feeling pretty lucky back then) LOL

Thursday, December 24, 2015

[REVIEW] SULWHASOO Evenfair Perfecting Cushion no.13 (Light Pink)

Sorry for not posting regularly lately. I have been so busy with life changes and I get to tired that writing a blog seems impossible. Now that I have a 4 days Christmas holiday, I might as well write a good quality blog for you guys.

I have heard about Sulwhasoo Brand for quite a time now and I now they are high end brand and they are expensive! One of my friend owned this line, the Evenfair Perfecting Cushion. I heard that it was voted as the best cushion product 2013 by the Korean version of "Allure". So, feeling adventurous I decided to buy them despite the high cost. 

SULWHASOO Evenfair Perfecting Cushion no.13 (Light Pink)
I bought no. 13 in light pink which is not 'pink' at all judging from the colour of the products.
The packaging is very nice a elegant looking compared to the other brand of bb cushion.
The Sulwhasoo has this gold lining and pretty much slimmer than other brands' packaging. 
In short, they look expensive.
Oh, it also comes with the re-fill!

SULWHASOO Evenfair Perfecting Cushion no.13 (Light Pink)
Unique elegant packaging
They have the golden decoration at the edges.
In side, they have the mirrors and puff (brown colour), just like other bb cream.
Again the gold lining is a major difference. I like the feeling of luxury that I get from the packaging.

SULWHASOO Evenfair Perfecting Cushion no.13 (Light Pink)
What it looks like inside.
Underneath the lid, the cushion is still protected with the protective stickers.
The texture is light, just like other brands.
The colour is not what I expected honestly. 

SULWHASOO Evenfair Perfecting Cushion no.13 (Light Pink)
Not exactly light pink, OK
Here is the Caution statement and what I want to highlight is the 5th points: "2% or more arbutin"
What is ARBUTIN?

They are whitening agents! They works very quickly on the skin by not only whitening your skin tone, but works well as moisturizer too. it can as well fitler out harmful UV rays.

Arbutin is a relatively simple chemical, with a glucose attached  to a hydroquinone. 
What makes a difference is that arbutin does not have the side effects that hydroquinone seems to have.  Arbutin also has anti-cancer activity on melanoma cells, apparently by regulating expression of the p53 tumor suppressor and cell apoptosis. (read more: here)

They do have the better coverage than other BB cushion I might say and they last long too!
I think the colour suits my skin I guess (on real life, not on camera). 
Here is what it looks on my skin. 
Too light? May be?

SULWHASOO Evenfair Perfecting Cushion no.13 (Light Pink)
See the gorgeous coverage and dewy complexion 

Overall Thoughts: 8/10

  • Price : IDR 750K++ (prices might increased already)
  • Pros  : 
    • Contains SPF 50+/PA+++
    • Does brighten your skin when wearing the products
    • Last long through out the whole day
    • Good coverage
  • Cons:
    • Due to the dewy complexion, my face sometimes looks 'oily'
    • I am not sure that I get pimples because of this products, but I have mild breakouts lately.
  • Repurchase : Not sure. I might if I got some discount. Plus, if I am sure that the breakouts is not caused by the products.
  • Recommended: YES! I think it is very suitable for Asian skin tone and if you need high and long lasting coverage. If you have spare money and looking for a high end brand to add to you bb cushion collections, why not try this? It worth the try.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

PFL BCA - BRANCH OJT [The First Week]

I am officially done with my first week at BCA KCU Pontianak, my placement branch for the next 9++ months.

On my first day, I am so confused as any of you would be on your first day at work.
I have been there as a customer, but not the employee. 
So, of course I am perplex.
Where do employee enter the building from, Who to meet first, What to do, and What will happen next?
Big Question Mark

The answers are:
Where to enter from as an employee?  
Ask the security or follow the current employee (let them lead the way)

Who to meet first?  
I am meeting my Kalay first (according to the letter given to me), but actually it was the HRD I should have met first! (my bad)

What to do?  
The answer will varies from branches to branches as they have their own regulations. 
Since I was meeting my Kalay, I gave her my letter and I just follow her lead from then.

What will happen next?
This answer will also be different from branches to branches. 
I was immediately join the morning briefing where I got to introduce myself then I was sent to observation at the counter. 

So let me tell you my complete story.

On my first day, I come a bit 'late' then I suppose to. I come around 7:05 am but they already had the morning briefing, in time for my introduction. I know that the service hour starts at 7:30, with briefing at 7:15 but on Monday, they are a tad bit earlier than usual. I am consider late for my first day. TT.TT Please check your branch operational service hour at least one day before your first day. 
Then, I handed over my letter to my Kalay and KOC. I had a brief introduction and I was told to do some observation first at CS Counter for a day, and CS Desk for a day (second day); which I did. 

On my third day, I started to open a counter on my own. I held 3 account opening on my own, with my mentor assistant. All went well.

On my fourth day, I open the counter all on my own with my mentor only sitting besides me to note mistakes. All went pretty well!

On my fifth day, I was left to open the counter myself and I was given a spare ID, which means I will bear all the responsibilities myself. It was nerve wreaking most frightening experience I have ever encounter. I was so nervous that I forget some small things and I have to call the customers for it, which I am very sad and sorry for. 

I need to learn a lot of things and I am going to learn it soon and as fast as I could. I feel like I am the dumbest now in the group and that upset me. 

What everyone must have been thinking about me

Anyway, please take note about:

• Service Hour
Get to know everything you could about your branch. If your both Observation and DO OJT are at you placement branch, then lucky you!
• Absent Card
My senior PFL friends do not even given a card when they come to their branch. I need to contact my PIC but he is no where to be found.
• Clothing
I come with uniform (yellow) but was ask to change to black and white the next day. Because I am not yet ready, which is fine with me.
• Hair
This differ between branches to branches. You will know there, but please have your hair do as you did on training. 
• What to do
Just follow the lead. Do not forget to apply for finger print scan for absence report. Do not forget to visit the HRD division.
• What to bring
Your spirit! LOL! The letter, small note book for note taking, pen, name tag, lunch (if you can), water bottle, and your TXN notes. Do not forget! Lastly,
• Try your best to remember your colleagues and superior names, smile, and always smile.


ps: the first 2 months will be hard! As hard as ****!!

NOTE: Always try to blend in with others. Some might treat you differently because you are a PFL. Stay humble and stay focus. You have a goal and so are they. We might be walking a different path but our destination is the same (the permanent employee). 
PFL is better equipped with the theories and deep understanding while others have the experience and better practical skills. We are both good in our different ways! If you cannot do things or you do not understand, ask! do not be discouraged. Share! Give! and you will receive.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

[REVIEW] Secret Key Watermelon

So, since one of my friend is buying the tint glow via me (again, Qoo10), I am buying one for myself as well! Ha! What and excuse!

Feeling adventurous, I am buying the ice watermelon tint glow which comes in red and green shades. This is how it looks on the outside.

Secret Key Watermelon Varient Watermelon
Secret Key Tint Glow
Right: Watermelon variant in the box
Middle & Right: Watermelon variant 

There is a picture of a watermelon printed in the box and the case of the tinted balm is transparent with a bit of sticker of ice creams and the brand name. At a glance, it looks sophisticated. 

Here I am comparing it to my previous owned sweet glam tint glow.

Secret Key Tint Glow Watermelon, sweet glam #1
Secret Key Tint Glow
Watermelon vs Sweet Glam #1

They are the same size, height, and width. The only difference is the body case. 

Secret Key Tint Glow Watermelon
Secret Key Tint Glow Watermelon Color
This is the picture of the shocking green! Lol! Many of my friends are perplexes by this. Anyway, the green colored part is colorless. 

Secret Key Tint Glow watermelon vs sweet glam
Left: Watermelon; Right: Sweet Glam#1

When applied on my skin, the difference is quite unnoticeable. 
Although the watermelon's color has more gradient to it and is more purplish-pinkish than the sweet glam #1.

Secret Key Tint Glow watermelon
Secret Key Watermelon Tint Glow
Picture above shows my lip color before and the picture below my lip color after applying the watermelon tinted glow.

The lip color looks natural. 
Almost the same as the sweet glam #1

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

PFL BCA - Personal Adjustment & T Group

Many would ask where is the T-Group post? 
Why haven't I post it when I was already done with the in-class training? 

Haha. I was busy and I am having difficulties in writing this post. 
There are lots of things happen at once. The re-discovery, the confession, the group sharing (which needs a hell lotta trust), and lots of other things!

This is a part of our training program. We are required to join another self-development training. Unlike the Valuable Person Training, other programs like PSPO are also required to join this one. 
The training will be focusing on self-healing and self-discovery. 
It will give us the in-depth view of what personality we have (the 16 personalities) and the "T" in the "T Group" stands for "Therapy Group".

This time the training will be held at GMS HRD Consultant at Avia Hotel and Resort, Bogor on 12-13 November 2015.
This time, no other group was joining in. Its just the 20 of us.

At first, we were told to write some of our most scarred memories, favorite numbers, our hopeful achievements, and the 20 "I" statement. 

Then, we were taught about the 16 personalities in details. 
I honestly have tried the test myself on
And this is what I got on the website: ENFP (T)
(Extroverted iNtuitive Feeling Prospecting)

enfpENFP tubulent

ENTP with Turbulent identity. I got the same result from the Psychologist. 

At first, she didn't believe that I am an 'N' as N type is very rare. I was ask to re-do the test and I got the same result. She was still in doubt. 
Not until after I tell her my stories that she was convinced that I am indeed an 'N' type personalities. 

ENFP is a marketer and a motivator.
I recently realize these talents of mine. 

The 'theraphy' part is also quite new and interesting. We were formed into group of 4 and we were assigned different psychologist. Then, we will talk about our self, our family, our journey.
You might have heard that there will be lot of tears, it is true.
You might think that your life is simple and smooth, or your friends (which always smile) might be so good as well. But that is not always the case. 

Robbie Williams Quotes

In the 20++ years of our life, we (of course) at some point in our life was hurt and sometimes that 'event or continuous same events' may have left a deep scar within us that may affects how we live our life.
This training is for us to open our self and to heal from previous wounds so that we can learn and be free from the unnecessary boundaries. 
For BCA, this is for them to know us better. Our potentials and shortcomings.
Do not worry about extra sensitive topics or your bitter past. 
I believe that the psychologists have their oath and patients' secrecy.
They will at the end of the therapy session give us some advice and read out our traits. 
Be the first to tell the stories!

This is your chance to get to know who you are and for BCA to get to know you.
Do not hide and do not conceal. Let your true self shine! 

What I get from this training?

• The website is accurate for me but not for some of my friends. Not sure. It is whether they didn't understand the questions as it was in English or something else.
• I get to know for sure what personalities I am and what jobs will be suitable for me.
• I realized that behind every happy person, there are scars that they are trying to hide and that every single person in this world at some point of their lives has received 'scars' that they will hide for the rest of their life.
I learn to be grateful.
I learn to let go of problems and the past.
• I learn to know other types of personalities and how to deal with them.
• I get the reassurance of what I want to do in the future.

We also get certificate from this trainings!

Well, there is not much to write about and I am not taking any pictures. LOL.
- cya next time -

Friday, December 4, 2015

PFL BCA - Lasy Day of In-Class Training and the Temporary FAREWELL


I am still feeling very overwhelmed by the feeling of being separated from the people that have been with me for the past 2 months. I cried and weep.
I am not even this sad when I am done with colleague.
I am never good dealing with farewell. I am not good with handling my sad emotions.
Knowing that I might never (hopefully not) meet some of these people that I have been with through a lot of things for 2 months and so.
We will and we must definitely meet again in 10 months and I hope our 'togetherness' will stay the same or even stronger with separation.

I found the winnie's wisdom words 
I am literary, truly, madly, deeply blessed.
I am so thankful for GOD for letting me to meet this 19 awesome people. 
I always believe that HE would filter all and only allow the best people to enter my life.

PFL CSO 14 + Christofer Tandra
PFL CSO'14 + Pak Toper
Now that I look back to my previous problems in finding jobs, all the struggle and fear [read here]
All paid off. 

I meet good people, 19 of them at once. I have a good job with a good prospect. I am feeling blessed beyond words. I will never get enough of us!
PFL CSO 14 + Christofer Tandra
PFL CSO 14 + Pak Toper part 2
I know that GOD doesn't let me have those jobs for a reasons and I think I get that now.
This is totally worth it.

----- *** -----

PFL CSO 14 at cafe stroberi
Our Farewell Photo @ Cafe Strawberry

Today [4/12]
Today is our last day of in-class training and we will be on OJT (On Job Training) for 10 months until September 16th, 2016! 
290 days to go!
There will be some sharing, some discussion, and some advises given.
On this very day, you will also receive your name board! Flight tickets and some paperwork to fill out at your branches.
Here is mine:

papan nama
Name board for your counter

mentoring kalay, tiket garuda
Paperwork and flight tickets!

I cried, we all cried. That is how much we mean for each other. 
I love that about us. 
I will forever be thankful for this encounter and I am thankful for being a part of a great team! 
This might be one of the most memorable part of my journey. 

Do not forget to send back some of your belongings!
The books weigh 3 KGs each!
If you are staying around slipi jaya area, you can send them via Dinata Jaya. Mine only cost Rp 15,000/kg to Pontianak and will reach the destination in 2-3 days. Contact: 0813 1147 0438

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

PFL BCA - Duty Officer Internship [KCU Kalimalang]

The Duty Officer Pin
The Duty Officer Pin
It has been a long three days and I haven't get a chance to write any good blogpost for a while and I am going to be quite buzy for couple weeks ahead so I this is might be a good time to write a post. 

Today (2/12) is my last day of DO. In fact, I am doing my DO report at the moment. 

My Report Cover Page

If you ask me what it felt like? The answer is:
It was tiring but rewarding at the same time

Tired part, no question needed! If you are not tired, or have a sore feet, or have a blisters all over your feet, it is not DO. I have blisters and band-aid all over my feet on the day 2. 

Sore Feet
Pardon my toes but I really want to post them. =P
Rewarding part, I cannot really explain this very well but you kinda get the feeling of satisfaction from all the help and services that you provided for the customers and how some of them reply by showing gestures of thankfulness. I am proud and happy at the same time when that happen. This is when I really think to myself that this is a good job. That I might do well in this job, that I want to do well.

OK, so I was 'randomly' placed at BCA KCU Kalimalang, East Jakarta. 
BCA KCU Kalimalang
BCA KCU Kalimalang
Considering the place that I am renting right now, it was far far far away. According to Google Maps, it was 22 KM away!!

Taken at 23:38
It should take around 1 hour by car on working hours.
I was considering using Gojek but because my parents were too worried of the long distance road, I ended up staying at relatives' house for 5 days (since Friday night) which was awesome!! HAHA!

What about BCA KCU Kalimalang?
• They have the best, kindest, loveliest, angelic Kalay (Kelapa Layanan) EVERRR!! (or so from the little comparison that I have)
• They are big! The building itself consist of 4 floors + basement. I made some maps for my ppt. 
First Floor: Teller and ATM
(I put some watermarks)

Second Floor: Prioritas, CSO, SDB
(I put some watermarks)

• The atmosphere is much more relax and lenient than my first intern branch (KCU Thamrin) and it is much much much more crowded with customers ranging from senior citizen to students.
• There are a lot of securities and they are friendly and highly educated about the products and procedures. They make a good DO partners. Honestly, on my first day the Teller's DO was 'borrowed' by smaller branch and I need to get by the whole day as DO, alone. On my first day. On Monday (Ughh, busy Monday! The branches closed around 15:15 and 'really closed' around 16:00).  I receive a great help from the security officers.

To Do List (Preparation):

• Buy a comfortable shoes (some branches allows black flat shoes, it will be nice if you get information ahead, I didn't)
• If you have time and resources, check out the locations one day before. If possible, get to know if you can wear flat shoes for DO (girls only)
• Come early on your first day. First impression lasts forever! 
• Get to know the branch layout and counters! (you will be questioned about this a lot!!!)
• Get to know the forms needed for each transactions (for both teller and CSO forms, learn how to fill in as well. A lot of customers are confused you have to be able to guide them through)
• Drink enough water and bring some candy. You will be greetings people all the time, you do not want to have a bad breath.
• Ask where to have lunch in the morning while everyone is still not too busy.
• Take enough pictures to be put on your report.

To Do List (While On Duty):

• Smile and Greet, Always!!
• Ask if you do not know! Do not give some random answers, it will get back to you.
• Check the forms, do not let them run out.
• Help the customers that look confused or worried. They are the one who needed help the most.
• Do not act high and mighty. Learn from everyone. Remember that everyone is smarter and more experienced than you! Do never act differently to people just because of their background! Treat others the way you want to be treated! (one of my life motto).
• Learn from your mistakes. Do not repeat the same mistakes!

DO Report:

• Do not forget to take pictures
• Ask the Kalay for in-depth information (branch hierarchy, majority transactions, etc)
• Remember the layout
• Remember each touching/important moments
• Take note of possible improvements
• Do it ASAP. You only have little time to finish this one

That's all.
You shall be fine.
Remember to be friendly and down to earth! 
Use this chance to the fullest to get the enough the experience needed for your job later at branch office.

This is nearly the end of the in-class training.
Use this time efficiently and spend quality time with your beloved classmates.
I would suggest to start packing your stuff. The books weight around 3 KGs each. You will need space for uniforms as well (2 blazers, 3 blouses, skirts, and long pants), for men you will need to make your own pants!